BSP Spring Meeting 2017

The 2017 Spring Meeting was held at Dundee University, hosted in Dundee's Apex hotel.  The local organiser was Prof. Mark Field.  The Meeting Report on this fantastic event, written by the society's student representatives, is found here.


Dundee University


2nd - 5th April 2017

More information

The city of Dundee is situated on the impressive Tay estuary, and provides access to the highlands of Scotland. Situated one hour from Edinburgh and close to St Andrews, Dundee offers a great venue for science and recreation.

The University is less than 50 years old, but has garnered a globally recognised reputation in the Life Sciences and the Arts. A considerable presence in Molecular Parasitology and Drug Discovery distinguish Dundee as a major centre of excellence for parasitology research, and we are proud to host the BSP in 2017. An integrated program is planned, uniting veterinarians, epidemiologists, therapeutics and molecular sciences, in what we keenly anticipate as a unique experience.

The flyer can be downloaded here.

Abstract submission deadline for oral presentations: Sunday, 19 Feb 2017; poster presentations: Sunday, 5 Mar 2017.

The venue is a 4 star hotel on Dundee's waterfront and we have secured excellent rates for your stay.  The inclusive price is for 3 nights' accommodation, meeting registration, breakfast, lunch and the Gala event.  We also have the option to book shared rooms to make student access as cheap as possible: this accommodation is still within the hotel.