BSP Spring Meeting 2018

The 2018 Spring Meeting will be held from 8th to 11th April at Aberystwyth University.




8th - 11th April 2018

More information

The flyer for this meeting is now available as a PDF to post to your departments: BSP2018 Flyer 22.11.17A4.

The meeting will include Ecological Parasitology, Veterinary Parasitology and the Tryp/Leish Symposium.

Session organisers include: Jo Cable, Iain Chalmers, Rachel Chalmers, Mark Field, Paul Horrocks, Lisa Reimer, Alvaro AcostaSerrano, Richard Wall, Shona Wilson.  Local Organisers are: Justin Pachebat, Jo Hamilton, Russ Morphew & Karl Hoffmann.

Registration for BSP members costs just £260, with a reduced rate for student members.  This includes access to all events during the meeting (accommodation in Aberystwyth must be booked by delegates separately), making it our cheapest Spring Meeting in several years. 

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Wendy Gibson, Bristol University
  • Shahid Khan, Leiden UMC
  • Susanne Krammer, Würzberg University
  • Annette MacLeod, University of Glasgow
  • Pascal Maser, Swiss TPH
  • Raymond Pierce, Pasteur Institute
  • Jesus Valenzuela, NIAID
  • John Thuita, Kenya Agricultural Research Institute
  • Alex Loukas, James Cook University
  • Maria Yazdanbakhsh, Leiden UMC
  • Jim Collins, UT Southwestern
  • Ron Hokke, Leiden UMC
  • Amy Buck, Edinburgh University
  • Aaron Maule, Queen’s University Belfast
  • Volke Heussler, Bern University
  • Tim Yoshino, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Robert Poulin, Otago University
  • George Dimopoulos, John Hopkins
  • Grace Mulcahy, University College Dublin
  • David Thieltges, Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research
  • Nigel Yarlett, PACE
  • Domenico Otranto, Bari University
  • Sarah Culloty, University College Cork
  • Eric Morgan, Queen’s University Belfast
  • Jane Hodgkinson, Liverpool University