Anthelmintics III: from Discovery to Resistance

The third in a series of international symposia focusing on all aspects of anthelmintic drugs.


Clearwater, Florida, USA


30th Jan - 2nd Feb 2018

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Our objectives this symposium are similar to those of our three previous meeting in San Diego (2016), San Francisco (2014), and Philadelphia (2012).

We will review recent progress in anthelmintic drug development, modes of action of anthelmintic drugs, and how resistance to anthelmintic drugs emerges. We also seek to train and encourage graduate students and post-docs in these fields of research.

We are continuing our biannual meetings on anthelmintics for scientific and medical reasons because of the current ambitious use of anthelmintics for controlling and eliminating human helminth infections with Mass Drug Administration (MDA) and similar extensive use in animals. The continued use gives rise to concerns about the development of resistance and the need for novel compounds to overcome that resistance. We are left with a number of unanswered questions about the use of these anthelmintic drugs.

1) How do we develop new and more effect anthelmintics for the future given the concerns about anthelmintic resistance?

2) Do we know enough about the way these drugs work to use them optimally?

3) Intensive use of anthelmintic drugs in veterinary medicine has resulted in widespread resistance. How likely is this to occur in human medicine? How can the risks of resistance be detected and minimized?

Our conference is designed to address these questions.

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