CMP 25th Anniversary Symposium (University of Copenhagen)


27-29th June 2018 at University of Copenhagen

Variant antigens expressed on the surface of erythrocytes infected by the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum is a long-standing research interest at CMP. The most studied of these antigen families is PfEMP1, which is a major virulence factor and an important target of acquired immunity to P. falciparum malaria

This symposium is focused on PfEMP1 and the var genes that encode them. We have already invited a number of scientists from all over the world to come and tell us about their newest research on various aspects of PfEMP1 biology, immunology, pathogenesis etc. etc.

We also want you to come, and you are of course also free to circulate this invitation further in your network.

Have a look at the exciting program, then register to join us. Registration is free, but you must cover your own traveling and accommodation.

Registration is capped at the 96 participants the meeting venue can accommodate, so don't hesitate too long before making up your mind!

On behalf of the symposium organizers: Anja TR Jensen, Thomas Lavstsen, and Lars Hviid