Sinden symposium (10th May 2018, London)

A special one-day symposium celebrating the science and leadership of Professor Bob Sinden, Emeritus Professor of Parasite Cell Biology, Imperial College London.



Royal Institution


10th May 2018

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Bob Sinden’s career has spanned the pre-genomic to eradication eras of Plasmodium research, including seminal contributions that have defined our understanding of the architecture of the parasite cell, the biology behind sexual stage parasites passage through the mosquito and the foundations of current efforts in drug and vaccinology aimed at preventing malaria transmission. His legacy is still very much alive and active and, in his presence, we would like to celebrate these achievements as well as provoke discussion in the malaria community about how current science needs to evolve if we are to realise eradication in our lifetimes.

This one-day symposium on Thursday 10th May 2018 will feature talks from leading scientists working in areas related to Bob’s work and will be held at the Royal Institution ( – a scientific icon in London where Faraday first demonstrated the power of electricity. Precise details of the programme will be announced in early spring.

To register for the day, please visit our online registration URL (one ticket per registrant):