First Malaria World Congress

The First Malaria World Congress is taking place in Melbourne from 1 – 5 July 2018.




1st - 5th Jul 2018

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It is widely appreciated that the impressive progress achieved in eliminating Malaria in recent years will be difficult to sustain and even more difficult to accelerate. Whether we are speaking about malaria elimination or control of severe disease in high transmission settings, the challenges facing us remain monumental.

A major impediment to addressing the myriad of technical and non-technical challenges around malaria is the lack of a forum to discuss them. At present, there is no mechanism for ALL stakeholders to gather and share information, develop understanding and trust, reach consensus and to build a unified framework for action.

The 1st Malaria World Congress is intended to be such a forum, one that brings together researchers, field-workers and implementers, media, funders, policy makers, governments and other leaders, industry, civil society and the affected communities themselves.

The committee is receiving 4 types of submissions – research abstracts, campaign and policy discussion synopsis, gallery items and edutainment proposals. More detail can be found on the web page at  The deadline for submissions to be consider for oral presentation as opposed to poster or static display is Close of Business Friday 2nd February.

Key Themes

Modelled on the hugely successful International AIDS Conference, the meeting will address a few core themes:

1. Malaria Today (the recent history and present of malaria control and elimination efforts)
2. Putting Malaria Elimination into a Global Health Context (how malaria sits within the broader global health context, with focus on the SDGs) and
3. Meeting the Challenges of Malaria Eradication (how we move forward together to enable sustainable impact in malaria endemic countries).

Within each of these themes there are 4 pillars:
• Science (including application- and social- focussed research)
• Global, regional and country governance (leadership driving goals)
• Frontline (implementation)
• Putting people at the centre

The themes are intended to bind the community around a joint Congress statement for taking malaria elimination and control forward. The Congress has strong financial support from, and engagement with, the Australian Government. We hope this Congress to be the first of many.