NC3Rs 2019 Funding – Launch Event on 4th Sept 2018

The NC3Rs will soon be launching their new funding scheme priority area for 2019.

The 2019 funding highlight notice will be aimed at encouraging greater use of non-mammalian model organisms for 3Rs purposes, and it will run across all of their response mode funding schemes.  They will be launching the highlight notice at a forthcoming workshop in central London on 4 September.  The workshop will be a great opportunity to hear about the scientific and 3Rs applications of non-mammalian model organisms, learn more about the highlight notice and how to submit a competitive application to the NC3Rs, showcase relevant research and meet new potential partners to submit a grant application with.

The non-mammalian model organisms considered within remit of the highlight notice are:

  1. Drosophila
  2. Nematodes, e.g. C. elegans
  3. Galleria mellonella
  4. Zebrafish embryos and larvae (prior to protection under the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act, less than 5 days post-fertilisation (dpf))

Further details on priority areas, the launch workshop and how to register (by 21st August) are available here.