Mathematical Models for Infectious Disease Dynamics 2019 Course – Application and Bursary Deadline Approaching

The application deadline for the 2019 Mathematical Models for Infectious Disease Dynamics course is now approaching. Limited bursaries (up to 50% of the course fee) are also available.

Applications and bursary requests must be received by 8 November 2018. Apply now>

This popular course covers the latest quantitative techniques for modelling infectious disease dynamics and control in humans, animals or plants.



The programme will cover introductory and advanced concepts in mathematical modelling of infectious diseases, including:

  • Mathematical review (calculus, probability, etc.)
  • Population dynamics
  • Deterministic and stochastic models
  • Modelling structured populations: age-structured, spatial and network models
  • Applied programming with R
  • Statistical estimation of models
  • Computer-based simulations