Trypanosomiasis and Leishmaniasis Seminar in Granada, March 2020

The trypanosomiasis/leishmaniasis focused meeting was held at the Hotel Abades in the beautiful city of Granada, Spain from 8-11 March 2020.

More details are available on this link.

Speakers included:

Jean-Claude Dujardin (Antwerp), Keith Gull (Oxford), Gloria Rudenko (Imperial College London), Markus Engstler (Wüerzburg), Eva Gluenz (Oxford), Martin Llewellyn (Glasgow), Luisa Figueiredo (Lisbon), Mark Carrington (Cambridge), Dolores González Pacanowska (Granada) and Mark Field (Dundee).

A meeting flyer can be downloaded here. Information on how to get to Granada can be downloaded here, with flight details here. You can also download a Granada city map, a metro guide and information on the city and venue.

Information on the Covid-19 Virus for attendees here.