BSP Autumn Symposium 2019

Date for the diary: The 2019 Autumn Symposium will be held at Queens University Belfast, on ‘Post-genomic progress in helminth parasitology’, featuring the Irish Society for Parasitology (ISP).


Queens University Belfast


23rd Sept 2019

Helminth parasites are pervasive pathogens that infect humans, animals and plants worldwide. They impact our agricultural productivity and are a significant cause of morbidity for humans in large parts of the developing world, where they are responsible for eight of the 17 neglected tropical diseases recognized by the WHO. Over the last 10-12 years, helminth parasitology research has been transformed by the appearance of genome, transcriptome, proteome and other “omics” datasets. These in turn have spurred the creation of a suite of functional genomic tools, allowing exploration of the vast amounts of data now available. These tools include RNA interference platforms in several species, while the first applications of CRISPR-based genome editing methods have recently been reported. Meanwhile, large-scale genome sequencing and re-sequencing efforts have proceeded apace, shedding new light on our understanding of evolution on a phylum-wide scale, and on development of anthelmintic resistance mechanisms. This one-day BSP Autumn Symposium aims to highlight some of these exciting research areas, where state-of-the-art technologies are being applied to helminth genome research.

Confirmed speakers are:

• Mark Blaxter (University of Edinburgh, UK)
• Paul Brindley (George Washington University, USA)
• Collette Britton (University of Glasgow, UK)
 Christoph Grevelding (Justus Liebig University Giessen, Germany)
 Elissa Hallem (UCLA, USA)
• Jane Hodgkinson (University of Liverpool, UK)
 Angela Mousley (Queen’s University Belfast, UK)
 John Gilleard (University of Calgary, Canada) - Sponsored by the ISP
More speakers to be announced soon - watch this space!!

Irish Society for Parasitology (ISP) Annual Meeting

Tuesday 24th September, Riddel Hall

On the day after our Symposium, the ISP will hold their annual meeting in Riddel Hall.  This will involve oral presentations from postgraduate students and postdoctoral researchers.  Registration costs will be low - Euro 25 (academic) or Euro 15 (student) will cover ISP membership for a year, registration and tea/coffee/lunch.  Come to Belfast and stay for both meetings!

More information

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BSP Spring meeting 2019

The 2019 Spring Meeting will be held at Manchester University on 15-17 April. The local organisers are Dr Ilaria Russo and Prof Kathryn Else, working with Prof Geoff Hide, Prof Guy Caljon, Prof Ron Hokke and Dr Erinma Ochu.

Keynote speakers include: Prof Joanne Webster (Royal Veterinary College) and Prof Patricia Wright (Stony Brook, USA) for One Health and Prof Andy Miah (Salford) for Science Communication.

A flyer for the meeting is available to download here.




Manchester University


15th - 17th April 2019

More information

This meeting will be run in partnership with the Belgian Society of Parasitology and Protistology (BSPP) and the Dutch Society for Parasitology (NVP).
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