EMBO workshop: Molecular advances and parasite strategies in host infection

Workshop to be held in Autumn 2018, Les Embiez Island, France.


Les Embiez Island, France.


30 Sept- 03 Oct 2018

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The study of parasitic organisms at the molecular level has yielded fascinating new insights of great medical, social, and economical importance, and has pointed the way for the treatment and prevention of the diseases they cause. Pathogenic organisms are varied in their morphologies and astoundingly complex on their life cycles. They have developed many mechanisms to survive intra or extracellularly, or are vectors for other pathogens. These mechanisms are wide ranging and include many cryptic factors such as; modification of host immunity, diverse and virulence specific differentiation, expression of pathogenic molecules, control of gene expression, antigenic variation, and unique metabolic pathways.

One main objective of the EMBO Workshop “Molecular advances and parasite strategies in host infection” is to understand in detail how these mechanisms are controlled, developed and organised. By bringing together an internationally recognised group of world leading, cutting edge scientists who, have parasitology as a common resource, we aim to clarify common and distinct pathways employed during infections by different classes of pathogenic agents. The workshop is envisioned as a forum to provide a unique environment for crosstalk between scientists from wide ranging subject areas such as epigenetics to vector control, that will fertilise new ideas and subsequently new approaches in dealing with pathogenic organisms.


ICOPA: 14th International Congress of Parasitology, 2018

ICOPA 2018: The 14th International Congress of Parasitology.


Daegu, Korea


19th - 24th Aug 2018

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Title       14th International Congress of Parasitology

Period   19 (Sun) - 24 (Fri) August, 2018

Venue  EXCO, Daegu, Korea

Hosted by:           ICOPA 2018 Korean Organizing Committee


  • The Korean Society for Parasitology and Tropical Medicine (KSPTM)
  • World Federation of Parasitologists (WFP)

Website:               http://icopa2018.org

Flyer:     download here