The key events in the annual BSP calendar include the annual residential meetings in spring and autumn which are focused upon general and specialist aspects of parasitology.

The video on the right gives a flavour of our events, which are attended by a wide range of academics, researchers and students.

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Upcoming BSP events

Below you can find all the events run by the BSP for our members.

Kinetoplastid meeting in Grenada, March 2020

The next trypanosomiasis/leishmaniasis focused meeting will be held at the Hotel Abades in the beautiful city of Grenada, Spain from 8-11 March 2020.

BSP Spring Meeting 2020

The BSP Spring Meeting in 2020 will be held at University of Edinburgh on 14-17 April. Registration and abstract submission are open now!

BSP Autumn Symposium 2020

The Autumn Symposium in 2020 will be held on 17-18 September at Keele University with an interdisciplinary research theme.

Other events

Other organisations run events that you might find interesting: here are some up and coming events occurring across the world for those with an interest in parasitology.

Parasites: Battle for Survival

A new exhibition at the National Museum of Scotland will explore Scotland’s role in the fight to eliminate tropical diseases by tackling the parasites that cause them. Parasites: Battle for Survival will examine five deadly diseases, which together affect 1 in 18 people around the world and thrive in areas lacking access to clean water, healthcare and adequate sanitation.

Training workshop in Karachi, Pakistan: New Anti-leishmanial Leads from Natural Sources: Concepts and Approaches

Dr Paul Denny (Durham University) and colleagues in Pakistan will be running a training workshop in Karachi (8-9th Nov 2019) focused on the identification, isolation and characterisation of natural product antileishmanials.

Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Society of Protozoology (SBPz) 2019

The annual meeting of the SBPz will be held on 4-6th November 2019 at the Hotel Gloria, Caxambu, MG, Brazil.

Anthelminthics: Discovery to Resistance IV on 3-7th February 2020

Anthelminthics: Discovery to Resistance IV will be held in Los Angeles USA on 3-7th February 2020

IECID 2020: Impact of Environmental Change on Infectious Disease

IECID 2020 will bring together international researchers to discuss the impact of current and predicted future environmental changes on the distribution and epidemic potential of several important infectious diseases across the globe, and what actions need to be taken.