Postdoctoral Research Assistant at the University of Dundee

Trypanosoma cruzi Persister Biology

We are seeking an experienced parasitologist to join the Translational Parasitology group ( in the Wellcome Centre for Anti-Infectives Research (WCAIR) to study Trypanosoma cruzi persister parasites. The group works closely with the kinetoplastid drug discovery programme in the University of Dundee Drug Discovery Unit and our main interests are the development of fit-for-purpose parasite screening assays, high-throughput and high-content screening, and increasing the understanding of parasite biology directly relevant to drug discovery. Several groups, including ours, have generated evidence for the existence of persister or dormant T. cruzi parasites and their role in disease relapse after treatment, however very little is known about these forms and population heterogeneity in T. cruzi.

Further details on the post and how to apply can be found on this link. Deadline for applications is 9 July 2020.


Postdoctoral position in Brazil on the control of infectious disease in Brazilian favelas

The Institute of Collective health (ISC – Federal University of Bahia) is leading, locally, a public health intervention program in low-income urban communities in Salvador. This program aims will work with residents to implement and evaluate interventions that improve multiple health outcomes (especially in relation to infectious diseases). ISC is recruiting motivated post-docs to be key members of the interdisciplinary team. The position is full time and is for three years. The overall programme is UKRI funded and led by Professor Mike Begon at the University of Liverpool.

We are looking for applicants who have completed (or will soon complete) their PhD in epidemiology, public health, disease ecology, or related fields. Good organizational, communication, and teamwork skills are necessary. Experience in working with stakeholders is beneficial, so is previous experience with public health projects. The position is a full-time position, for a three-year period (3 vacancies).

More details on the post and how to apply can be found here. Deadline for applications: 1st July 2020


Research Fellow in Parasitology, Queen's University Belfast

We are recruiting for a Research Fellow to join Dr Geoffrey Gobert’s Parasitology Research Group.  The successful candidate will undertake project-specific research activities related to schistosomiasis and other helminth diseases. This will include the development of study protocols, performing recombinant protein expression development, routine sample preparation and liaison with UK and overseas research partners in China and Tanzania.  The post is funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering.

For more details on the post and how to apply, please see this link. Deadline for applications: 29th July 2020