Two PhD projects in Parasitology – Cardiff University

The project titles are: 'Novel Water treatments for zoonotic pathogen Cryptosporidium', BBSRC SWBIO Studentship, and 'In silico modelling of parasite dynamics', NERC GW4+ DTP Research Theme.

Closing dates 04/12/17 and 07/01/18 respectively.  For full details see advert: Cable et al. BBSRC & NERC PhD.

PhD position - Salford University

A unique opportunity has arisen for a funded PhD studentship  in parasitology, based on a partnership between The University of Salford and the Department of Natural Resources , Falkland Islands Government who are keen to bring about complete eradication of Echinococcus from the islands, and therefore needs to identify what gaps in control may exist so that this can be achieved. The overall aim of the current project is to investigate the current patterns of taeniid cestode infection in dogs and sheep and identify reasons for their apparent persistence in the presence of an intensive, long-term control programme.

Closing date 17/11/17.  For Further details see:

2 postdoc positions on 'Paragone', Vaccines for Animal Parasites, UCD Dublin

This is an exciting opportunity for a candidate with good skills in immunology, bioinformatics and/or experience in vaccine design to join a high-profile H2020 Project with partners across Europe and South America. The PARAGONE consortium is developing vaccines to protect livestock against parasitic diseases, and working to understand the mechanisms used by parasitic helminths to subvert host immune responses. Within the Consortium, the Mulcahy lab is working with colleagues in QUB and the University of Cordoba to advance vaccine – mediated protection of cattle and sheep against liver fluke (Fasciola hepatica) infection.

For full details see adverts for the two positions: Mulcahy lab PDRA Level 1 and Mulcahy Lab PDRA Level 2.