Changes to the BSP Council

The BSP council has undergone significant changes in many of its executive roles this year.

The BSP Council is responsible for the general affairs of the Society.  There are six Council Officers and up to eight Ordinary Council Members.  Postgraduate students are also represented on council by student representatives.

At this year’s Spring Meeting (subject to ratification at the autumn AGM), Professor Mark Taylor stepped up from the VP role to that of President.  Drs Damer Blake, Paul Denny and Paul Horrocks took over from Owain Millington, Gus Bell and Russ Stothard as Honorary Meetings Secretary, Treasurer and General Secretary, respectively.  The remaining role of Honorary Communications Secretary is currently filled by Dr Catherine Merrick.

Ordinary Members of the BSP Council are elected by the membership and stand for three years. Council Officers are proposed by the BSP Council and their election ratified by the membership at the AGM. The President and Vice-president serve for two years, and the other Officers for three years.

The full council can be found here.  Our new VP and additional Ordinary Council Members will be announced soon.