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Ms Alison Mbekeani


Student representative

Alison J. Mbekeani is a PhD student at Durham University with an interest in infectious diseases and currently looking at a potential drug target(s) inToxoplasma gondii.

Alison’s first 18 years were spent in Sub-Saharan Africa where she developed her passion for parasitology. During her BSc at Leicester University she worked on a project at the Malawi-Liverpool-Wellcome-Trust, under Professor M. Molyneux and Dr D. Bell looking at chloroquine resistance in Malawian children. She was then later employed in two malaria drug discovery programs; first at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine under Professor S. Ward and Professor G. Biagini screening compounds against asexual stages of Plasmodium falciparum and then Imperial College London under Prof R. Sinden and Dr M. Delves looking at sexual stages of P. falciparum.

More recently, Alison was deployed to Sierra Leone by Her Majesty’s Government to work in the Public Health England labs during the Ebola outbreak and was awarded a medal for her services in 2015.