Resources and Education

The BSP members are keen to make the fascinating world of parasitology accessible to all, and to communicate with each other about the latest findings. This section brings together useful resources for those involved in researching or teaching the subject. We have tried to capture a range of resources, if you think there is anything we could add please let us know.

Public engagement

This page covers educational resources, factsheets and websites to help parasitology reach a wider audience: see more

Bug Bitten Blog

The Bugbitten blog features weekly posts on topical literature and issues in the parasitology world.  Bugbitten is the blog of the journal Parasites and Vectors, and is edited by ex-BSP president Prof Hilary Hurd.

Parasitology (Cambridge University Press)

Parasitology is an important specialist journal covering the latest advances in the subject. Papers from the journal and parasitology blogs are available on this link.

Abstracts from past BSP meetings

Here you will find the abstracts from our annual Spring and Autumn meetings: See more

Useful links

This page has links to the top resources and websites, including the websites of other parasitology societies around the world: see more

Neglected Tropical Diseases Lecture Series: Curated by David Molyneux

This lecture series provides a unique, up to date, and authoritative overview of Neglected Tropical Diseases in both the individual diseases and the cross cutting issues, such as Water and Sanitation and community roles, for the teaching and benefit of researchers, students, and staff in pharmaceutical companies, research institutions, and development organisations.

The lecture series can be accessed free of charge on this link

Journal Club

Here you will find an archive of journal reviews from BSP members: see more


UK Standards for Microbiology Investigations (SMI) quarterly reports

Available here


The BSP Spring Meeting is one of the biggest events in our calendar. Over a three-day period, a diverse range of speakers from all around the world both educate and entertain in over 100 talks and workshops.

 BSP Membership

BSP membership offers a host of benefits including discounts on events and eligibility for travel grants and awards.