Abstracts from past meetings

2020 BSP Trypanosomiasis and Leishmaniasis Symposiumin Granada. On Advances in Basic and Applied Research run in conjunction with Prof. Miguel Navarro of the Spanish National Council for Research CSIC

Granada 2020 Tryp/Leish

2019 Joint Spring Meeting at the University of Manchester, with the Netherlands Society of Parasito0logy and the Belgium Society for parasitology and Protistology

Manchester 2019 Spring meeting

2018 Autumn Symposium on Parasite Glycobiology at University of Liverpool

Autumn Symposium 2018 Abstract Book

2018 Spring Meeting at Aberystwyth University

2018 Spring Meeting Abstract Book

2017 Autumn Symposium, Linnean Society, London: The multidisciplinarity of parasitology: host-parasite evolution and control in an ever changing world

BSP Autumn Symposium 2017 Abstract Book

2017 Spring meeting in Dundee

BSP Spring Meeting 2017 Abstract Book

2016 Autumn Symposium in Durham: Microbial protein targets: towards understanding and intervention

BSP Autumn Symposium 2016 Abstract Book

2016 Spring Meeting at Imperial College London: From Science to Solutions

BSP Spring Meeting 2016 Abstract Book

České Budějovice BSP Trypanosomiasis & Leishmaniasis Seminar 2016

BSP Czech Meeting 2016 Abstract Book

Manchester 2019 Spring meeting

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