Rescheduled due to unforeseen circumstances - BSP Autumn Symposium 2023 – De Montfort University, Leicester - Emerging Human Parasites and One Health

We apologise for the inconvenience. 

This Symposium will be rescheduled for later this year or early next.

The proposed Symposium will report on the state-of-the-art information regarding this concerning public health threat by providing an opportunity for combining world leading research and methodologies for identification of human risks due to emerging human parasites and strategies to tackle/reduce the identified risks. This Symposium will also provide an insight on cutting edge laboratory parasitological techniques and on guidance/tools to address downward trends of the teaching of medical and veterinary parasitology globally.

As such, we would accept communications on the following topics/sub-topics related to emerging/ zoonotic parasites:

·         Food- and water-bone emerging parasites

·         Effect of climate change and biodiversity on emerging parasites

·         Ecology, evolution, environmental fate, host-parasite interactions

·         One Health, cross-border, cross-species, cross-cutting

·         Advances in environmental decontamination

·         Diagnostics, phylogeny and genomics

·         Epidemiology, pathology and impact

·         Immunology, immunity and vaccine development

·         Prevention and treatment, drug development and resistance

·         Parasitic zoonoses and vector-borne diseases

Emerging parasites in farm, domestic and wild animals.

ESCMID Postgraduate Online Course Advanced course on histopathology of parasitic infections: when the past becomes the future

10-11th October, 2023
ESCMID Postgraduate Online Course Advanced course on histopathology of parasitic infections: when the past becomes the future
Target Audience:
Medical microbiologists, pathologists, biomedical and clinical researchers, and senior technicians already experienced in clinical parasitology or clinical pathology
Course Objectives:
The increasing trend towards the development and implementation of fast, high-throughput, diagnostic methods for parasitic diseases, easy to implement with little knowledge of medical parasitology, has led to a worrying gap in traditional microscopic expertise. This is even more true for the morphological identification of parasites in histopathological specimens. Microscopy remains the gold standard and, in some cases, advanced methods such as serology and molecular tools are not suitable or cannot be applied to solve the diagnostic problem, leading to incorrect patient’s diagnosis and clinical management, as
well as to erroneous scientific results. On the other hand, some of the most ground-breaking recent discoveries in the field of medical parasitology have been made through morphological observation of parasite structures, such as the identification of Wolbachia in filarial nematodes of medical importance, which revolutionized the control of these devastating infections as well as the knowledge of their pathophysiology. Consequently, there is an increasing need for developing and maintaining skills in
morphological parasitology within the medical and scientific community, but training opportunities in this field are extremely scant. To help filling this gap, this advanced course, targeting scientific and healthcare professionals already experienced in parasitology and microscopy, will provide practical training in morphological identification of the most significant parasites in histopathological specimens. The faculty comprises an international panel of experts with unique expertise in morphology and pathology of parasitic infections.

BSP Spring Meeting 2023!

BSP 2023, 11-14 April in Edinburgh

11th – 14th April, 2023

University Of Edinburgh

The 2023 British Society for Parasitology Spring Meeting will be held at the
University of Edinburgh, in partnership with the British Ecological Society (BES).
As well as welcoming all general parasitology themes across the discipline, there
will also be a dedicated stream focused on trypanosomiasis and leishmaniasis.

The 2023 Spring meeting of the British Society for Parasitology will be held in the
city of Edinburgh, UK. Edinburgh boasts a long association with parasitology and
also benefits from strong links to ecology, both of which will be represented by
distinct streams and keynote lectures. A major stream of trypanosomiasis and
Leishmaniasis, and also ecology, will be supplemented by sessions including
host-pathogen interactions, neglected tropical diseases, malaria, veterinary
parasitology, and nematode biology, as well as a series of open sessions
covering the full breadth of parasitology.

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19-20 September

BSP Autumn Symposium 2022 – Keele University

The BSP Autumn symposium 2022 will be on 19-20 September at Keele University, UK. The theme is: Achieving impact in parasitology: learning lessons from interdisciplinary research and community engagement. Registration is open now!

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19th JUNE 2022

WorldLeish 7

WorldLeish7 will be held in Cartagena, Colombia on 1-6 August 2022

This is a key event on leishmaniasis, reuniting workers in this area every 4 years. The meeting will highlight the advances and new research findings in this area. On this occasion, WorldLeish7, expects the participation of more than 1500 investigators, professionals and students who will get together to identify and generate new ideas. It will also promote a multidisciplinary approach to research and its alliances with technological development groups and research centers around the world.
19th JUNE 2022

Kinetoplastid Molecular Cell Biology meeting 2022

The Kinetoplastid Molecular Cell Biology (KMCB) meeting will be held at Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA on 13-17 September 2022
19th JUNE 2022


The Molecular Parasitology Meeting (MPM) XXXIII will be held in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA on 18-22 September 2022.

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