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Welcome to the BSP's journal club!  Here you will find an archive of journal club reviews from BSP members.

We are always looking for members to write for the BSP's journal club!  Please supply ~300-400 words on any article that inspired or frustrated you, or highlighted an area of parasitology that you feel is important. You can write a review on any article less than a year old. Please get in touch with the Hon. Communications Secretary with suggestions for articles, or feedback.

In Issue 6 of the journal club, Dr Jenni Lawton, a post-doc from Glasgow University at the Institute of Immunology, Infection and Inflammation, reports on progress in malaria vaccines and increasing the number of antigen candidates that are available. As stated by Jenni, that of the ~100 vaccine candidates currently under investigation, more than 60% are based on only four parasite antigens. Considering that the genome encodes more than 5000 proteins, this leaves an enormous number of parasite antigens that remain unexplored.  Please download Jenni's article: Antibodies to PfSEA-1 block parasite egress from RBCs and protect against malaria infection.

Journal Club 6 - Jenni Lawton PDF (326Kb)

In issue 5, Luke Roberts, our BSP student representative, reports on developments in therapeutic helminths.  Helminth parasites could become useful tools in battling autoimmune disease; some genera such as Trichuris are already being trialled in humans for their therapeutic effects. However, a recent study Graepel et al., in the International Journal for Parasitology, offers word of caution and gives food for thought when considering the importance of fully characterising the immunological response to individual helminth species.  Please download Luke's article entitled 'Therapeutic helminths may harm as well as heal…'

Luke Roberts Journal Club PDF (294Kb)

In issue 4 Prof Russell Stothard reviews the latest special issue in 'Parasitology' on the: 'Dynamics of parasite distributions: modern analytical approaches' highlighting the debate between complexity and simplicity with a Russell twist!

Journal club 4 - Russell Stothard PDF (612Kb)

Dr Paul Horrocks also takes a look complexity this time focusing on the cellular surface of erythrocytes with aquired immunity to malaria infection... is it time to reconsider our relatively simple model?

Journal Club 4 - Paul Horrocks PDF (697Kb)

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